Services for Realtors

welcome-matListing a home for sale involves many important tasks, but chief among them is to make sure the home is ready to show to prospective buyers. For new or recently renovated homes, some key staging is all that is required, but very often your clients need help with a whole host of “little things” that can add up to a huge boost to the home’s look, feel and price.

Concierge Home Solutions understands the needs of older and more lived-in homes when it’s time to put them on the market. Tasks such as painting, landscaping, window cleaning, power washing and brass polishing can turn a first look into love at first sight. We offer a turn-key solution to any “to-do” lists for your client’s home.

We have teams of professionals at our disposal, and can mobilize quickly to enhance everything from the curb-appeal to the smallest details that will set your listing apart from the rest. Concierge Home Solutions has extensive experience working with Realtors and understands how to prepare a house for listing, and how to prioritize improvements to focus on what matters to buyers today.

Additionally, with our experience and ability to work quickly, we can help with any inspection items that the homeowner is required to provide to make sure the final walk-through and closing goes smoothly.

Contact us for more information on our services to discuss your client’s needs. We can manage multiple projects simultaneously, and provide competitive quotes to ensure the homeowner the best value, while we manage the entire process and have the house ready to sell in no time.